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Airtime Services

As we steer towards being a one-stop provider of integrated solutions, we also provide our customers with satellite airtime services. We provide bandwidth (“airtime”) for the satellite communication systems distributed by us and other distributors, which is used for high quality direct-dial voice, communication, facsimile, data transfer, telex, e-mail and high-speed internet connection.

We provide:

A one stop solution for satellite communication needs which includes installation and commissioning, process application, registration and activation of terminals.
    Solutions for your Inmarsat airtime needs.
    Assistance to minimize your communication cost
    24-hours support for Fleet Management Tracking system
    24-hours Airtime support

Sphinx Marine is offering Airtime services for the following Satellite
Communication Systems:

Inmarsat -B HSD Systems                               

Fleet Broadband Systems

Inmarsat –C  Systems

Iridium Maritime Systems

Inmarsat -M Systems

BGAN Systems



Also Sphinx Marine is offering Marine Asset Tracker(MAT)
Marine Asset Tracker offers a range of different kinds of hardware design for powered and unpowered vessel. The satellite transceivers are linked to a web-based service, providing a highly effective way of automatically tracking at your convenience.

• Monitor vessel performance with automatic tracking.
• Global weather forecasting and meteorological information.
• Track history for voyage analysis.
• Display fleet list for latest data on entire fleet.
• Receive position reports by E-mail and SMS.

Prepaid Solutions
Applicable for Iridium, B, C, Mini-M, M4, Fleet Terminals, BGAN, ISAT Phone and Fleet Broadband.
Enables social calls by Sea Crews.
Usable in all Ocean Regions to any destination.

Value Added Services

  INM-C-Email: Register your E-mail Address in order to send E-mails to all INM_C Terminals
  Email Software Solution: Cost saving email solution for all kinds of satellite terminals
  Credits control: Applicable for Mini-M, BGAN and FBB terminals.


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