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Life Rafts

Sphinx Marine is an authorized dealer and service station for multiple leading brands of the global standard highest quality, approved by most leading IACS classes.

As per SOLAS regulations, approved inflatable Life Rafts and buoyant apparatus are required to be serviced periodically at an approved Life Raft service station in order to ensure reliability, and prolonged withstanding high exposure to extreme temperature, moisture, and sea corrosion conditions. Life Raft servicing involves unpacking, cleaning and drying while checking the inflation system of cylinders and valves are in order. Evaluation of the Life Raft and its contents is only applicable after opening the Life Raft and identifying the replacement items, can we estimate the total service fee for repacking your Life Raft.

Life Raft servicing and testing include but are not limited to: 

  • 5 Yearly Operation Inflation Check
  • Annual Floor Suspension Testing - Starting with Raft’s 10th Year
  • Annual Overpressure Testing - Starting with Raft’s 10th Year
  • Annual Timed Leakage Testing
  • Annual Inflation Hose Testing


Moreover, We provide rental services with up to date service certificates on weekly, monthly, and yearly basis as well as Life Raft trading on exchange basis upon request.

Life Rafts