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Wiper Control System

Water Mist System

Vessel Management System

Valve Control System


Underwater ROVs

Trim Tabs Control

Torque Wrench Calibrator

Thermal Imaging Camera System

Tank Level Gauging System

Tank Level Alarm System

Steering Control System

Standard Calibration Gases

Sprinkler System

Sounders & Signal Lights

Sound Powered Telephone

Sewage Treatment Plants

Scrubber Systems

Rudder Angle Indicator

Pump and Valve Control

Propulsion Control and Monitoring System

Pressure Gauges

Power Management System

Oil-Water Separators


Machinery Control and Monitoring System

Loading Computer System

Navigation Lights Control Panel

Navigation Lights, Searchlights, and Light Fixtures

Jet Thrusters

Public Address Systems

Intercom Systems

Integrated Safety and Emergency Management System

Helideck Refueling System

Helideck Monitoring System

Helideck Lighting System

Portable Gas Detectors

Gas Detection System

Fuel Monitoring and Management System

Float Switch

Fire Suppression System (Safe Gas, Water Mist, Sprinkler System)

Fire Detection/Alarm System [Smoke, Heat & Flame Detector]

Engine Telegraph Systems

Emergency Shut-Down System

Electrical Switchboard and Distribution Board

Draft Measurement System


CCTV Camera Surveillance System

Cargo Control and Monitoring System

Bridge Maneuvering System

Ballast Water Management System

DC-DC Converters

DC Batteries - Power Supplies

Automatic Battery Chargers

Anti-Heeling System

Alcohol Meter

Alarm Monitoring and Control System

Marine Elec. And Automation Products